All dressed up, where to go?

Accessorizing is key to turning a simple LBD into something extravagant. No one needs to know that your sparkly, neon outfit was affordable and simple to create. Here are three easy additions I use to get “glammed up”:

  1. Start with a colorful lip. Draw attention to those perfect puckers with a hot pink or a sultry red. Just make sure to find a color that matches your skin tone; the gals at Sephora or Ulta are great at that.
  2. Add a glitzy statement necklace, the sparkly and shiner the better. You don’t have to break your bank buying a designer, there are great finds at Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe for under $15.
  3. Throw on a rocking pair of heels. I prefer sky high, bold types; however, even a simple nude heel to elongate the leg will make all the difference. As you can see, I went bold with a neon yellow. And I’ll let you in on a little secret, my shoes were only $4.99 on clearance at JCPenny.

My LBD is a Bar III from Macy’s I got this past season, and the clutch is a vintage piece from the 1940’s courtesy of my great grandmother.



Voila! It took me a 15 minutes to get out the door and ready to party! Everything was already in my closet and makeup bag, no extra shopping necessary.

Hopefully everyone had a happy and safe holiday!

Peace, love, and fashion happiness,


7 thoughts on “All dressed up, where to go?

  1. Hi lovely, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! Take a look on my latest blog post, all of the details are on there. Happy blogging 🙂 x


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