Don’t let winter cramp your style!

My biggest problem during the winter months is how to express my personality and fun outfits while wearing oversized coats and clunky boots. My down-filled Calvin Klein winter jacket and furry Sorels get boring quite quickly. I love them dearly, they are the warmest pieces of clothing I own. However, with -40 wind chills in “Minnesnowta” I cannot afford to get frostbite because I want to wear that stylish olive green unlined jacket hanging in my closet.

Even though my black sleeping bag coat and snow boots are a necessity, I can still sneak in a pop of color and pattern. Here’s how I overcome Mother Nature and add some flair to my usually mundane winter uniform…

  • Pants are a great place to give people a glimpse of what is beneath the 20 layers of warmth. In my particular outfit instead of going for traditional dark wash jeans, I’m wearing bright red skinny jeans. It matches nicely with the base colors of my winter attire, black and brown.
  • Mittens, scarves, earmuffs, etc. are all perfect opportunities to add color or pattern. Just be sure to keep a general trend. Don’t mix and clash with what is already on. I wore a darker red hat, gold scarf, and brown gloves; all different colors, but nicely compliment one another.
  • Lastly, if winter hasn’t already dried out my lips, I add a playful color. I chose a bright red to match my jeans, keeping everything uniform and exciting.


Until Spring arrives, and my skirts and tank tops can be pulled out of storage, I have to make do with the harsh weather I’m given. Sneakily adding color allows my personality to shine through on the dreariest winter day. Now I can stylishly run around in the 12 inches of snow with my furry friends.

Peace, love, and fashion happiness,


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