Date night deserves a little bit of fabulous

I cannot rave enough about how fabulous I felt going on out for date night in this outfit. As much as I love to wear my sleek LBDs and stilettos, the weather was not permitting. The (faux) fur vest adds a bit of flair and warmth during the cold nights walking downtown, and the pleather pants keep everything exciting. Add the Coach wedges and statement necklace for perfect finishing touches.


Here’s a little insider on my outfit pieces: the Coach wedges are last season’s model that I got for 80% off (with the help of coupons) at Macy’s, the Bar III blouse I got on special for 65% off at Macy’s, and the necklace on clearance at Dry Goods for $3! No high end designer or department store prices in this outfit. With a little patience waiting for the right sales and the coupons, anyone can find and buy these discounted pieces of clothing at their local mall.

Peace, love, and fashion happiness,


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