Pastel prints for a Saturday night

Lately I have gotten into a rut. I have the same three pairs of pants in rotation, two of which are solid black. I needed to break the cycle with something completely out of the box. Something bright, bold, and crazy. So, Saturday night I dug out my pastel patterned denim. I purchased them last winter on clearance at Macy’s, my favorite store if you haven’t noticed. They were $7.99 to be exact, practically a steal.

Since the pants were a bit much, I kept the top neutral. A basic gray tee from H&M, and white blazer from Forever 21. In addition, the blazer is structured and masculine to balance the feminine, skinny denim. Throw on a statement necklace for a little extra bling. Oh, can’t forget the hot pink heels. The pink in the denim matches perfectly with the shoes. A match made in heaven, soul mates or should I say “sole mates.”



It was the perfect Saturday outfit to break the rut!

Peace, love, and fashion happiness,


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