It’s warming up… slowly!

The forecast for the week calls for mid-50s, this is weather I can handle. The snow piles have disappeared, leaving behind giant puddles and grey slush; perfect rain boot weather. Nevertheless, my feet have been dying to slip into a pair of sky high heels and strut about the city. I can finally dust off my heels and embrace the crop top trend.

I have slowly started transitioning out of my winter wardrobe. This was one of my last dark, wintery outfits before I reintroduced pastels and neons.


As I prepared for my night out, I realized that I would not be needing a heavy winter jacket. Such a relief to not lug that bulky thing around. Instead I opted for a structured pleather jacket. The sleek cuts of the jacket paired perfectly with the flowing blouse and skinny jeans. The accessories brought everything together; leopard print heels and a beaded statement necklace. Both black and gold and sassy!

P.S. I couldn’t forget to add the precious moment I was having with my always fashionable fur babies!

Peace, love, and fashion happiness,


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