More studded shoes finding their way into my closet

I must admit two things about myself…

  1. I cannot pass up a good deal
  2. I am a shoe addict

Because of these character traits I acquired two more beautiful studded pairs of shoes for my ever-growing closet.

Mom, if you are reading this, before you roll your eyes at my money spending habits, the shoes were only $15 each! Thank you Charlotte Russe for the amazing sale prices that I stumble upon at dreadfully late hours of the night.

The two pairs I purchased are identical style, but different colors, red and nude. The red is a perfect pop of color, especially with cuffed boyfriend jeans, while the nude is classic and easy to coordinate. They are durable and comfortable, excellent options for a working girl looking to make a fashion statement. Not to mention the studded style is HOT right now thanks to their Valentino look-alike.


Although the last minute deal I snagged is unfortunately done, there is a new sale  on the website offering a great reduction.

Grab a pair before you miss out!

Peace, love, and fashion happiness,


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