Thank you, Mom, for helping me find my fashion identity

Mothers are the earliest influencers of fashion. From the ugly, bear patterned onesie adorned in infancy, to the wedding dress worn down the aisle.I can’t thank my mother enough for helping me find my fashion identity, and realizing I don’t need a label to define me.

Parading me through Macy’s (once a Hudson’s and then Marshall Field’s) at a young age was always my favorite bonding time. We would admire the clothes and try on beautiful shoes all while gossiping about work, school, and everything in-between. It was a free space to relax and escape the day, occasionally with a new shirt or pants.

My mother has impeccable style, which was fortunately passed onto me. At a young age she learned how to sew and design her own clothes, even sewing her own wedding dress! Aside from the occasional (and quite awful) matching sibling outfits, my mother always knew what was stylish and fashionable. She would make sure I was on top of the trends when I was young, and allowed me to experiment with styles as I aged, even when money was short.

Not sure my father was too pleased with our weekly (usually twice weekly) shopping excursions, but I owe all my fashion interest and desire to blog because of those trips with my mom.

Could my parents be any cuter? Even on her honeymoon excursion in the 80's she was adorable!
Could my parents be any cuter? Even on her honeymoon excursion in the 80’s she was adorable!

Now living five states away I would give anything to have those weekly trips back. When I’m feeling bored, lonely, or looking for inspiration I will drive to the Macy’s in town to wander the clothing racks. Thankfully, with advancing technology, there is usually a FaceTime chat involved. Almost like being with her. Besides, I need my mom’s true opinion about a clearance dress or shirt, no sugar coating necessary.

A mother’s support and encouragement is the most amazing gift life can give. Besides, it’s is great to have someone who doesn’t sugar coat

So, thank you, Mom, for helping me find my fashion identity and much more. This post is for you, and all the other fashion-forward, amazing moms out there!

Happy Mother's Day

And a Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday!

Peace, love, and fashion happiness,


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