Rainy days and fun umbrellas

Let me explain the weather this past week…

Monday: Rain
Tuesday: Thunder and rain
Wednesday: High winds, and more rain
Thursday: Nonstop downpour of rain
Today: Morning and evening rain

So, how can I dress fashionable for the weather? By adding an adorable umbrella to my outfit!

In a world of black, white, and blue mundane umbrellas bobbing down the street, I like to stand out with bright colors and patterns. I have two umbrellas for my particular outfits and moods: a bright multi-colored polka dot and my great-grandma’s colorful stripped Coach.

Polka-Dot-Umbrella1Rain-Coach-UmbrellaI can remember the excitement I had as a child walking to elementary school with my new Lisa Frank umbrella, basking in all the compliments and jealous looks from other girls. At what age did all the fun umbrellas disappear?

Wandering down the street with an adorable umbrella held above my head sounds like more fun than walking solemnly through the covered skyways; it brings back my inner child. Who doesn’t like to stand out in a world of monotony?

Keep calm and dance in the rain!

Peace, love, and fashion happiness,


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