My new addiction: midi skirts

Even after repeating “I am only here to pick up a birthday gift, I will not buy anything for myself” several thousand times, I still managed to walk out of the mall with two beautiful midi skirts.

Drifting through the mall, my eyes slowly locked onto a gorgeous black midi skirt within a boutique, Posh Love. Lucky for me it was my size and the LAST one! Before checking out, another midi skirt caught my eye. I just couldn’t stop! Two midi skirts later…


Lately, in the summer heat, I have been pairing my midi skirts with crop tops. To be more work appropriate, a crisp button up and sparkly necklace. Either way, the versatility of the midi skirt is amazing.



I better make more room in my closet because I’m addicted.

Peace, love, and fashion happiness,


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