Wedding Season Is Just Beginning

This past week I attended a childhood friend’s wedding back in my hometown. It was a wonderful trip home getting to see her glow in wedded bliss, while celebrating with family and reuniting with old friends.

However, the past several weeks leading up to the wedding have been crazy busy. The wedding arrived in no time, which also left me with literally no time to think about what to pack. So, once I arrived home it was last minute shopping.

Here are some tips to create a timeless and transcending outfit right out of your closet, no matter the dress code, to prevent a last minute frenzy:

  1. Pick a dress with a classic pattern or neutral color (other than white or cream). A floral print or LBD are always excellent choices. Also, if you think the dress is too short, it probably is.
  2.  Add a little sparkle, but not too much. A good rule of thumb is a bracelet, necklace, and subtle earrings, or glitzy earrings, a bracelet, and no necklace. But, never all three together, that’s over the top.
  3. Keep all the attention to the dress and sparkly accessories, then you won’t be scrambling around for “over-the-top” heels. Nude or black pointed toe pumps are always an elegant choice.

Here’s what I found several hours before the wedding: Bar III floral dress, black BCBG heels, gold Guess bracelet, and Macy’s Thalia pink statement necklace.


Total cost for the entire outfit… Drumroll please… $70!

And the best part of my outfit for the night: my amazing date! Isn’t he extra handsome, too?


Everyone thinks that wedding season is nearing an end, but truthfully it is just ramping up. Don’t sweat the small stuff on a fun day, especially your outfit!

Peace, love, and fashion happiness,


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