The Perfect Autumn Outfit Equation

The cooler weather is here to stay. Time to switch from tank tops and sandals to sweaters and boots. Staying cozy and cute this season is as easy as {pumpkin} pie. There is a simple equation to create the perfect autumn outfit that requires less work than making your grandmother’s famous apple pie recipe.

So here you go…

Sweater + Boots + Scarf= the PERFECT autumn outfit

It’s that easy! You can mix and match options to vary the outfit- riding boots or booties, knit sweater or wool poncho, infinity scarf or linen scarf, etc.

As you can see I used this method to construct my outfit- it also helps to have a beautiful tree behind me to set the mood.

fall sweater weatherfall plaid sweater

There’s so many options and all hiding within your closet. Now get out and enjoy this season in an adorable outfit without all the hassle!

Peace, love, and fashion happiness,


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