More clothes = more exercise?

I worked hard this summer- spent long hours at the office, ate a [strict] healthy diet, and exercised on occasion. Mostly it was my energetic lifestyle and the long summer hours that kept me in check.

Now the days have shortened, the hours in the office have decreased (only slightly), and I’m craving comfort food as the weather chills. I have a wedding lurking in the near future that I need to stay toned and healthy for. Plus, I can’t afford to pay for dress alterations, as it fit perfectly several weeks ago.

What is a girl to do? Buy more athletic clothes of course!

I figured to jumpstart a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, I should have new clothes to support it. If I feel confident and excited to put on my workout clothes, I’ll be more willing to actually workout. That is half the battle right there.

Obviously I am not the only one with the same thinking process. Kate Hudson recently launched her adorable new activewear line, Fabletics, designed to transition from workouts to daily activities. Why should you wear torn t-shirts or Soffe shorts you’ve owned since high school while out for a run or during yoga?

I purged my closet. I cleared it of all torn, stained, and oversized t-shirts and shorts- which left me with basically nothing. And I obviously can’t work out nude. So, I’ve been scoping out new activewear replacements online for possible purchases, which I don’t recommend doing late at night while home alone.

A pair of Lululemon I've been drooling over.
A pair of Lululemon leggings I’ve been drooling over lately. Perfect to transition from workout to brunch!

And it has seemed to work thus far- I’ve also purchased a class pass to this fabulous, hidden-gem fitness boutique, Studio on Third. My new addiction is Barre. After my years of dance this workout really speaks to me. Has anyone else given it a try?

To everyone looking to make a jump-start a healthy lifestyle- you can do it! You deserve a new outfit. There is no shame in feeling and looking beautiful while getting your sweat on.

Peace, love, and fashion happiness,


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