Even Mary Poppins gets in the Halloween spirit

Halloween arrives every year on the same day, October 31st. You’d think that I would finally be prepared for the day- costume already chosen, prepped, and ready.

Once again the night before I am going back and forth between 20 costumes trying to determine which would be the cutest, cheapest, and most original. Scouring through my closet for viable Halloween clothing, I discovered I had several key pieces for one simple costume.

Mary Poppins!

The costume is quite simple and broken down into a few key components:

-White button-up shirt
-Black skirt (long or short)
-Black tights
-Black heels
-Black hat
-Red bow (children’s department at JcPenny)
-Red fake flowers (dollar store)
-Black umbrella (optional)


Mary Poppins Costume UmbrellaMary Poppins Hat

Mary Poppins Costume

People this weekend will see this magical nanny prancing around downtown umbrella and a spoonful of sugar packed away in her bag.

Hope everyone has a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Halloween!

Peace, love, and fashion happiness,

Mary Poppins (aka Lauren)

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