First Pair of Culottes

While scouring the racks of clearance clothing in the local TJ Maxx, I noticed these khaki pair of culottes hanging delicately between a lace crop top and purple printed blouse. They felt out of place, like I needed to “rescue” them. A little apprehensive at first, I have big calves that sometimes don’t suit cropped pants. Then, I noticed the price tag read only $15. I really couldn’t pass them up.


So, here’s my first outfit experiment with culottes. I felt a French vibe with the striped white shirt, and the wine colored moto jacket added a hint of Autumn.

I wouldn’t say this style of pants are my favorite, they did feel a little awkward at first. But, I will certainly wear them again, possibly with a delicate blouse or a crop top for the Summer months.

It’s always fun to challenge your sense of style, bringing a little spice to life. Sometimes you’ll love the new look, and sometimes you won’t- you never know what will happen unless you give it whirl.


Peace, love, and fashion happiness,


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