Embrace the cape!

With the winter chill arriving in Minnesota quicker than I hoped, I needed a new way to stay warm and fashionable. I love my down feather Calvin Klein coat, however, it becomes quite monotonous when worn every single day. I wanted to switch it up occasionally- try a new trend other than a long black coat.

I have already seen several women on the street flaunting their flowing capes (or as some might call a poncho). Could this new fad be the piece of clothing to break up my chilly day boredom?

So, it brings us to today- I bought a cape.

cape and hat

This particular one I found while browsing SheIn, a website that offers fashionable clothes at steep discounts. I figured I would purchase one cape and see if the trend was for me.

fashionable and fun cap and hat

spinning, cape and hat

All I have to say is the cape is everything I had hoped it to be and more. The cape is warm and stylish, not to mention comfortable and versatile- exactly what I was hoping to achieve. I am a true cape lover now- it also helps to receive several compliments while wearing it.

Why stop at buying just one cape? I found other options to potentially add to my closet:

Western influence and some fringe from Forever 21- http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?br=F21&category=sweater&productid=2000142655

A sophisticated plaid look from Forever 21- http://www.forever21.com/product/product_oos.aspx?br=f21&category=outerwear_coats-and-jackets&productid=2000099685

Faux fur for the perfect night look from Michael Kors- http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/michael-michael-kors-faux-fur-cape?ID=2252555&CategoryID=269&LinkType=#fn=sp%3D1%26spc%3D406%26slotId%3D23%26kws%3Dcape

Don’t fear the cape, embrace it!

Peace, love, and fashion happiness,


Even Mary Poppins gets in the Halloween spirit

Halloween arrives every year on the same day, October 31st. You’d think that I would finally be prepared for the day- costume already chosen, prepped, and ready.

Once again the night before I am going back and forth between 20 costumes trying to determine which would be the cutest, cheapest, and most original. Scouring through my closet for viable Halloween clothing, I discovered I had several key pieces for one simple costume.

Mary Poppins! The costume is quite simple and broken down into a few key components:

-White button-up shirt
-Black skirt (long or short)
-Black tights
-Black heels
-Black hat
-Red bow (children’s department at JcPenny)
-Red fake flowers (dollar store)
-Black umbrella (optional)


Mary Poppins Costume UmbrellaMary Poppins Hat

Mary Poppins Costume

People this weekend will see this magical nanny prancing around downtown umbrella and a spoonful of sugar packed away in her bag.

Hope everyone has a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Halloween!

Peace, love, and fashion happiness,

Mary Poppins (aka Lauren)

More clothes = more exercise?

I worked hard this summer- spent long hours at the office, ate a [strict] healthy diet, and exercised on occasion. Mostly it was my energetic lifestyle and the long summer hours that kept me in check.

Now the days have shortened, the hours in the office have decreased (only slightly), and I’m craving comfort food as the weather chills. I have a wedding lurking in the near future that I need to stay toned and healthy for. Plus, I can’t afford to pay for dress alterations, as it fit perfectly several weeks ago.

What is a girl to do? Buy more athletic clothes of course!

I figured to jumpstart a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, I should have new clothes to support it. If I feel confident and excited to put on my workout clothes, I’ll be more willing to actually workout. That is half the battle right there.

Obviously I am not the only one with the same thinking process. Kate Hudson recently launched her adorable new activewear line, Fabletics, designed to transition from workouts to daily activities. Why should you wear torn t-shirts or Soffe shorts you’ve owned since high school while out for a run or during yoga?

I purged my closet. I cleared it of all torn, stained, and oversized t-shirts and shorts- which left me with basically nothing. And I obviously can’t work out nude. So, I’ve been scoping out new activewear replacements online for possible purchases, which I don’t recommend doing late at night while home alone.

A pair of Lululemon I've been drooling over.
A pair of Lululemon leggings I’ve been drooling over lately. Perfect to transition from workout to brunch!

And it has seemed to work thus far- I’ve also purchased a class pass to this fabulous, hidden-gem fitness boutique, Studio on Third. My new addiction is Barre. After my years of dance this workout really speaks to me. Has anyone else given it a try?

To everyone looking to make a jump-start a healthy lifestyle- you can do it! You deserve a new outfit. There is no shame in feeling and looking beautiful while getting your sweat on.

Peace, love, and fashion happiness,


Pleather leggings- yes, you can wear them!

Typically I choose my outfit the night before, a routine I fell into during my first years of college to save a couple extra minutes of sleep the next morning. However, after an exciting, late night the last thing I wanted to do was search through my clothes while dreaming of my pillow.

Riffling through my closet early the next morning, I wasn’t clicking with any of my clothes. I felt extra edgy, what could I wear to represent that?

Motorcycle jacket? Too cold outside at 44 degrees, and that would have made for a chilly walk to work. Studded heels? Nah, I didn’t feel like hobbling into work with blisters. Pleather leggings? YES! That is exactly the piece of clothing I was looking for.

Pleather, also called vegan leather, is the affordable, more comfortable version of leather. It’s definitely having a moment in fashion. The fabric is fun and versatile, especially in the form of leggings. Plus, anyone can wear it! It’s stretchy and breathable, unlike its leather counterpart.

To keep your outfit office appropriate, rather than date night out, pair with more casual pieces- oversized sweaters, subtle sparkle, flats, etc.

I paired a geometric fringed sweater from Forever 21, black pointed flats from DSW, and subtle gold accents with my pleather leggings. The casual pieces toned down the fabric edginess.

fringe sweater, pleather leggings

pleather leggings, flats

Another option is an oversized turtleneck sweater. Why wear typical jeggings or plain leggings? So expected and typical. Instead I spiced up the outfit with sneak peek of pleather- mixing conservative and classic with a little excitement.

turtle neck sweater, pleather leggings

My Bar III pleather leggings were a recent purchase from Macy’s on clearance, and have become a staple in my closet.

So, don’t be scared of pleather leggings. Yes, you can wear them!

Peace, love, and fashion happiness,


The Perfect Autumn Outfit Equation

The cooler weather is here to stay. Time to switch from tank tops and sandals to sweaters and boots. Staying cozy and cute this season is as easy as {pumpkin} pie. There is a simple equation to create the perfect autumn outfit that requires less work than making your grandmother’s famous apple pie recipe.

So here you go…

Sweater + Boots + Scarf= the PERFECT autumn outfit

It’s that easy! You can mix and match options to vary the outfit- riding boots or booties, knit sweater or wool poncho, infinity scarf or linen scarf, etc.

As you can see I used this method to construct my outfit- it also helps to have a beautiful tree behind me to set the mood.

fall sweater weatherfall plaid sweater

There’s so many options and all hiding within your closet. Now get out and enjoy this season in an adorable outfit without all the hassle!

Peace, love, and fashion happiness,


I’m Back… Promise!

Hello all my lovely followers! Sorry for the slight hiatus, I promise I have a good excuse. If you have been following my Instagram, you’ll have noticed I was making waves in the community.

From July through late September I was planning, preparing, and directing Style on the Plaza– an annual fashion show that showcases local businesses and highlights the community’s unique style. This was my first, of hopefully many, shows that I directed. I have been in a whirlwind of excitement and stress as the last several months have been strictly focused on planning this event. There was barely time to stop for food and sleep. But, in the end, it was COMPLETELY worth it.

Style on the Plaza
Courtesy of A-B Photography

I even became a “local celebrity” after making the cover photo for Rochester Magazine. It gets slightly weird seeing your face on every street corner though…

Rochester Magazine- Style on the Plaza

Next year I hope to spotlight more on the blog- discuss the process, talk about my method for choosing clothes and merchandise, and vent about all the craziness behind the scenes. Now that I have my groove it will be a whole lot easier… I’m hoping.

Just wanted to give a quick update that I’ll be back again, posting at least once a week. This is my favorite season, so I know there will be lots to talk about. Crazy to think my blog is already approaching a year old! Where has the time gone?

Keep an eye out again this week for another post- fall necessities, maybe?

Peace, love, and fashion happiness,


Wedding Season Is Just Beginning

This past week I attended a childhood friend’s wedding back in my hometown. It was a wonderful trip home getting to see her glow in wedded bliss, while celebrating with family and reuniting with old friends.

However, the past several weeks leading up to the wedding have been crazy busy. The wedding arrived in no time, which also left me with literally no time to think about what to pack. So, once I arrived home it was last minute shopping.

Here are some tips to create a timeless and transcending outfit right out of your closet, no matter the dress code, to prevent a last minute frenzy:

  1. Pick a dress with a classic pattern or neutral color (other than white or cream). A floral print or LBD are always excellent choices. Also, if you think the dress is too short, it probably is.
  2.  Add a little sparkle, but not too much. A good rule of thumb is a bracelet, necklace, and subtle earrings, or glitzy earrings, a bracelet, and no necklace. But, never all three together, that’s over the top.
  3. Keep all the attention to the dress and sparkly accessories, then you won’t be scrambling around for “over-the-top” heels. Nude or black pointed toe pumps are always an elegant choice.

Here’s what I found several hours before the wedding: Bar III floral dress, black BCBG heels, gold Guess bracelet, and Macy’s Thalia pink statement necklace.


Total cost for the entire outfit… Drumroll please… $70!

And the best part of my outfit for the night: my amazing date! Isn’t he extra handsome, too?


Everyone thinks that wedding season is nearing an end, but truthfully it is just ramping up. Don’t sweat the small stuff on a fun day, especially your outfit!

Peace, love, and fashion happiness,