A Kate Spade Blouse for $15?!

It’s the holiday season and sometimes you just want to treat yourself too. But, with restricted budgets and infinite Christmas lists, you don’t.

What if you could treat yourself with designer goodies while still staying within your budget?

Take a look at this adorable Kate Spade blouse. Typically, Kate Spade blouses start around $100. But, I purchased it for $15!

Kate Spade Blouse_2

My secret weapon- The RealReal.

If you have yet to discover this magical website, you’re missing out! The RealReal is a premier site for online luxury consignment. Anything from Gucci to Lanvin, Chanel to Christian Louboutin, it’s all available on this website. Keep an eye out for monthly specials and deals, too.

I personally love their stance on sustainability:

“Unlike the traditional linear economy of make, use and dispose, the circular economy encourages utilizing items as long as possible, getting the maximum value out of quality goods.The RealReal is a leader in this movement, and an innovator in sustainable luxury… Expertly crafted items made with high-quality materials are designed to last a lifetime.

So, next time you are looking to treat to yourself to some designer goodies, check out TheRealReal– your wallet will thank you!

Peace, love, and fashion happiness,


The New Warby Parker Specs

I’m all about the little touches that add extra flair or statement to an outfit. And when it comes to my glasses, which I typically don’t wear, I haven’t been very excited- probably why I never wear them. I have always purchased the typical black frame, structured and square shaped. But now that I am officially adulting, I realized I haven’t gotten a new prescription or glasses in quite awhile.

I’ve been hearing some great things about Warby Parker- stylish frames at an affordable price that you get to try-on at home for free. What did I have to lose?

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Embrace the cape!

With the winter chill arriving in Minnesota quicker than I hoped, I needed a new way to stay warm and fashionable. I love my down feather Calvin Klein coat, however, it becomes quite monotonous when worn every single day. I wanted to switch it up occasionally- try a new trend other than a long black coat.

I have already seen several women on the street flaunting their flowing capes (or as some might call a poncho). Could this new fad be the piece of clothing to break up my chilly day boredom?

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More clothes = more exercise?

I worked hard this summer- spent long hours at the office, ate a [strict] healthy diet, and exercised on occasion. Mostly it was my energetic lifestyle and the long summer hours that kept me in check.

Now the days have shortened, the hours in the office have decreased (only slightly), and I’m craving comfort food as the weather chills. I have a wedding lurking in the near future that I need to stay toned and healthy for. Plus, I can’t afford to pay for dress alterations, as it fit perfectly several weeks ago.

What is a girl to do? Buy more athletic clothes of course!

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Never Stop Adding to the Shoe Collection

Every woman has heard it- high heels are nothing but trouble. Deformed feet, back pain, and shortened calve muscles to name a few problems instigated by them.

But, as a 20-something woman I would gladly choose a day of aching feet and lower back pain to wear the beautiful stilettos and wedges gracing my closet. There is a sense of allure and excitement felt when you slip on pair of sky-high heels, ready to face the world.

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